Call Center Services: Transcription

Transcription, especially medical transcription, has been part of call center services since its inception. Some also feel that medical transcription was probably the beginning of outsourcing to offshore call centers in India or other countries. With the passage of time, answering service and telemarketing have overshadowed this service, but that does not mean that it has died a premature death. Medical transcription, along with other associated domains like finance and law, is still very much part of the BPO sector. In fact, let alone phasing itself out, this service has continued to provide healthy revenues to the units. Projects in the transcription department were always there, even during the worst months of the recession. Health is one aspect of life that can never take a break. It’s obvious, therefore, that medical projects were never on the wane.

The scenario of medical transcription has changed over the years. There is more of scrutiny and more of paranoia over medical records. These are two factors that call center units have to take into consideration. The citizens of countries like USA or UK are not comfortable about sharing their medical records with offshore BPO units functioning out of third world countries. They flip out when they realize that their medical history is being shared with data entry or transcription agents in these countries. The right to privacy over medical data has come up strongly to make work difficult for call center services. Health companies who outsource projects to offshore destinations have been known to be sued! In such an alarming situation, BPO service agents have to be doubly careful about the data they receive and the transcription work that they do. Mistakes have no room in this highly volatile scheme of things.

The Obama administration has made it possible for the medical transcription business to go up. Obama’s healthcare package offers medical aid to about 2 million American citizens. With the right kind of dissemination of the task, there will be plenty of work for the call centers. Healthcare units will prefer to outsource the transcription job to the offshore BPO units. This option still happens to be the cheapest way out. Call center services in the third world countries are the best bet that they have. But these units are not going to have it so easy. They have to fulfill a lot of conditions and need proper licenses to work on these transcriptions projects. Any hack unit cannot undertake such projects.

It’s not just the medical transcription sector that looks promising. Finance and legal transcription is catching up, too. Call centers in developing countries are taking on the task of transcribing legal documents prepared in USA. It takes a lot more money to get the job done by lawyers in that country. As it is clear, only specialized call center units can take on these projects. They have to hire lawyers and financial professionals to get the work done. If the transcription industry continues to grow, it won’t be long before BPO units house professionals of other domains as well.

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